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'Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

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So I've been wanting to plant some trees at Holm farm for as long as I have lived there (12 years) and today was the day. Grey and wet, but 6 apple trees are in. They look like twigs, but hopefully in years to come they will be beautiful and bountiful.

Golden Delicious, Braeburn and Lord Lambourn are the species. 3  round our lovely Damson tree and 3 in the Goose pen to provide much needed shade for the Chicks and Geese. Hope they appreciate it.

So there will be apples for our visiting guests and horses and some shade for humans and dogs to sit in and enjoy the views.

Lets hope for a long hot summer in 2019








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  1. James Lonsdale

    We had a long hot summer last year! And as I spent countless hours watering my apple trees I'm hoping only for a dry warm June for haymaking

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